RONET multi-server network configuration

Requirements for creating a Multi-server network:
Multi-Server Configuration Capabilities
Benefits of a multi-server configuration

- RONET networks based on RONET Compact or RONET Professional Servers must be deployed and configured
- RONET servers should be connected by a Trunk channel with an additional bandwidth of 54 KB / sec for each of the organized GENERAL Groups
- RONET servers must have one software version

- number of RONET servers - up to 100
- number of GENERAL groups - up to 100
- number of subscribers in the GENERAL groups of the multiserver network - up to 20,000
- the number of Dispatchers in a multi-server network up to 400
- number of recording servers - up to 100
- POC and radio subscribers can work in the GENERAL group
- Individual calls to POC subscribers from the GENERAL group are possible
- possibility of priority calls in the GENERAL group

- the ability to build distributed systems with a large number of subscribers based on RONET servers.
- the ability to quickly connect several separate ROS networks based on RONET servers with the set up of one or several GENERAL groups of subscribers (for one or separate customers who need to work together for a certain time in a crisis situation)
- the ability to combine several networks operating via Wi-Fi networks into a single network (for example, in the case of several offices or branches located in different places).