RONET Dispatcher Functions

- the Dispatcher console is configured with the display of the necessary talk groups in the form of widgets
- display of list of subscribers and groups in the system
- display of current status of the subscriber
- control of transmission of all types of calls
- control and transmission of text messages
- individual, group, broadcast and emergency calls
- recording and subsequent playback of conversations from the event log (on an external
recording device)
- view transmitted text messages, photos and videos from the event log
- dynamic group formation
- work with electronic maps and plans of various formats
- positioning on maps or plans and control of mobile subscribers outside and inside the premises based on GPS / GLONASS and BLE technology
- displaying subscriber tracks at a specified time interval on a map or plan
- transfer of high resolution video to the Dispatcher from the subscriber
- control and transfer of high resolution photos
- control and transfer of files
- support for mixed groups of subscribers (RONET subscribers and subscribers of the radio communication system, when a gateway with a radio communication system is present). Individual calls to and from subscribers of the radio communication network.
- voice calls to and from telephone networks, set up of Conferences for subscribers of Telephone networks and the RONET network (if there is a SIP gateway)