Gateway for the integration of the RONET system with the PMR systems

The RONET system can be linked to the systems of service radio communication and used as a complex. In this case, it is possible to organise "mixed" groups, which include both subscribers with PMR radio stations and subscribers with RONET terminals.
It is possible to connect the RONET system to Analog and Digital (DMR Tier II, DMR Tier III and TETRA standards) service radio networks.

RONET systems and Service radio networks are connected by means of special gateways.
The RONET gateway is supplied as software installed on a special hardware platform (Hardware and software complex).

Gateways between RONET and PMR systems are supplied on various Hardware designed for stationary placement (in a 19 "rack or on a table / shelf), in a car, as well as a portable gateway for autonomous operation.