RONET Server

The RONET server manages the work of the subscribers in the system
The server must be connected to INTERNET via an IP-Switch with a static IP address
To configure subscribers and groups of the RONET system, the Administrator's workstation (WEB-Configurator) is connected to the Server based on a standard computer running Windows
The Recording Server is connected to the RONET Server (to record all events in the system)

Different server types:
- RONET Compact – for networks with few subscribers (up to 200 subscribers).
- RONET Professional – for networks with a large number of subscribers (up to 10,000 subscribers)

RONET Compact Server Features
The RONET Compact server is supplied with its own hardware platform containing:
- 2 Ethernet I / O interfaces
- Powered by an external source 12 v
- Possibility of power supply POE (Power over Ethernet)
- Built-in high power battery (allows you to work up to 12 hours without external
- Light indicators of operating modes
- Works under Linux OS
- Durable metal body
- Can be placed on a table / shelf or on a wall
- Dimensions 2220x140x30 mm
- Weight 1050 grams
The RONET Compact Server can be supplied with hardware designed for placement in a 19” rack
The RONET Compact server is supplied ready for startup and independant configuration by the customer.