server RONET Compact

RONET Compact Server Features
Functionality of the RONET Compact server

The RONET Compact server is supplied with its own hardware platform containing:
- 2 Ethernet I / O interfaces
- Powered by an external source 12 v
- Possibility of power supply POE (Power over Ethernet)
- Built-in high power battery (allows you to work up to 12 hours without external
- Light indicators of operating modes
- Works under Linux OS
- Durable metal body
- Can be placed on a table / shelf or on a wall
- Dimensions 2220x140x30 mm
- Weight 1050 grams
The RONET Compact Server can be supplied with hardware designed for placement in a 19” rack
The RONET Compact server is supplied ready for startup and independant configuration by the customer.

- Function of setting up terminals and groups via WEB interface
- Support for various types of calls (individual, group, emergency, broadcast)
- Support for sending text messages
- Support for transferring photos and videos in high resolution
- File transfer support
- Support for priority calls (the ability to set up to 10 priorities)
- The maximum number of supported subscribers is 200
- The maximum number of groups supported is 100
- Ability to connect up to 4 Dispatcher workplaces
- Identification of subscribers in the system with reference to the serial numbers of SIM card and subscriber terminal
- Record voice calls and other events in the system (on an external recorder)
- Support for gateways for communication with PMR systems of various types
- SIP gateway support (for access to external telephone networks of various types)
- Support for positioning functions (displaying the location of the subscriber on an electronic map or plan) – outdoors (positioning using the GPS / GLONASS signal) or indoors (using BLE technology).
- Support for multiserver configuration of the ROS network (combining several Servers with each other using Trunk channels)