SIP- gateway for access to telephone networks

- it is software running under the Windiws OS.
- can be connected to telephone networks via SIP-PBX or through a multi-channel SIP account of the operator.
- connected to the RONET Server via the TRuNK-channel.
- Supports one-to-one calls and Conference functions.
- allows you to set the priority of calls to / from the telephone network.
- logging out of the RONET system to the telephone networks using the SIP gateway is performed through the operator (Dispatcher).
- Controlling the SIP gateway from the Dispatcher panel: (transferring individual and group calls, creating Conferences, later entering the Conference)
- ACCESS-LIST of telephone subscribers who are allowed access to the RONET network through the SIP-Gateway.
- Voice menu of the SIP-gateway RONET for entering internal numbers of the RONET network.

Features of the RONET SIP-Gateway, which are determined by the purchased license:
- Number of simuteneous conferences (number of Conference Servers)
- The maximum number of subscribers in one Conference
- Maximum number of simultaneous calls between RONET network
and telephone networks (number of simultaneous calls)